The Gallery

Dark | Moody | Intimate

All black, the gallery is about focusing on the art, photogrpahy, video or sculpture


The Space

“Like New York” is frequently said by those who visit us.

There is a feel about After Dark that you have to experience to truly understand. The ambience is about being somewhere else, a place to create, to be creative, to be totally involved with whatever you are doing in the anonymity of shadows.

Events with small ensembles, acoustic music events, exhibitions, video creation and photography are the best uses for the space.

Come and visit, stay and draw, plan an event or just enjoy the feeling of being hidden in the After Dark.

After Dark Floor plan

The Gallery / Studio has many unique uses. Configured as a small gallery space, a larger exihibition, meduim sized events and photographic and video production.


Current Exibitions

September | October 2020

Treasure the Erotic

September 2020

By appontment and during scheduled events

More details at Treasure the Erotic 

Life Drawing



We are in the process of showcasing works by our in studio artists and zoom artist. 

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Colin Burn
Aaron Mcpolin

Where It’s At

 In the Perth CBD

Level 3

10-14 Pier St

Perth WA Australia

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